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Subject: Confused about Carl/Karl
Author: CN   (Authenticated as CSwe)
Date: June 7, 2008 at 1:59:55 PM
According to BtN Carl is a German form of Charles and both of them are as far as I understood from the latin Carolus meaning man.
But when I search for Carl I found something interesting in Wikipedia. Apparently there is also a Scandinavian Carl with the meaning freeman (from under Other: Carl (also churl, ceorl, karl), a freeman peasant in the Scandinavian caste system; also the origin of the name
How are the two related? The meanings are very similar but where does the "free" - part come from. I've always been told that Carl means free man but did not get it confirmed by the database. Is this meaning limited to Scandinavia with the history of Carl meaning a freeman peasant?

Thank you!


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