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Subject: Re: No
Author: Molina   (Authenticated as Molina)
Date: June 9, 2008 at 2:50:17 PM
Reply to: No by Lumia
I understand you,and again with English not being my first language we have a comunication problem. Thank you for the info I see our handicap in our conversations.If we were face to face our understanding of each other would come thru.I have only spoke English a short time.I am better at my other languages.I will work more on how to get my words adjusted for layman terms ,for many people look for an easy way to understand pronounciations in writing.People enter a country,any country wanting to learn on levels ,my job is to help people of no understanding have a begining,at this point we can work our way to the more complex studies.It has been interesting to chat with you.I speak an old Formal type of spanish of Spain directed by Royalty five hundred years ago.I Understand Latin American ,and parts of Spain do not all speak the same.Thank you for your input.You have been a charm.
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