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Subject: Re: Zyal/Cyal
Author: Sarah   (guest)
Date: August 29, 2008 at 5:28:57 PM
Reply to: Re: Zyal/Cyal by Anneza
The television show was in the United States and was Deep Space Nine; Zyal was the daughter of character on the show. Her name was pronounced Zee-ahl.

I understand that a word referring or used in reference to Allah is not necessarily a name; more my explanation of the fact that I have now seen this word spelled as "Zyal" Islamic texts on the internet. I was wondering if it was an alternate name used for "Allah" or if this was some other reference used in scripture.

The other reference I saw was someone saying that Zyal was also spelled Cyal and was germanic in origin, but did not have a definition for the name/word.

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