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Subject: Argentinean and uruguayan Y ("sh")
Author: Magia   (guest)
Date: February 5, 2004 at 9:31:06 PM
Reply to: It *is* the other way around by Ivayla
So true!, And funny, also, how they pronounce the Y with a "SH" sound. Gotta love them for it!. Although, Uruguayans and Argentineans are aware that such pronunciation is incorrect. It is a *popular* manner of speech, which is improper. At schools, teachers encourage the kids NOT to say "sh" but "J" (English sound) when they speak a "Y". I say LET THEM!! They wouldn't be half as charming if they they ware "accent-free".

Sorry for the long note about stuff only I care about... couldn't help myself :op


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