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Subject: Re: These Names
Author: Cleveland Kent Evans   (Authenticated as clevelandkentevans)
Date: October 13, 2005 at 7:46:19 PM
Reply to: These Names by Tbird
Serepta: This is a spelling variation of Sarepta, which in the King James Version of the Bible is used as the name of the town where Elijah was sent to live with a widow when Jesus mentions that Old Testament story in the gospel of Luke. In more modern translations of Luke the Old Testament Hebrew form Zarephath is used for the place name; Sarepta is the Greek version. Sarepta was regularly used as a female given name in the USA during the 19th century.

Junis -- undoubtedly just a variation or even a misprint for Junius. (See Junia in the BtN dictionary.)

Adgar -- possibly an alteration of Edgar

Elminia -- This is a 19th century invented name. Many American parents were as fond of creating new names beginning with El- 150 years ago as some were in the 1970s of creating new names starting with La-. Elminia is a blend of the sounds of names like Elmira and Lavinia.

Levinia -- and this is just an alternate spelling for Lavinia

Loranza -- a feminine form of Lorenzo

Toliver -- the common pronunciation in the American South of the surname Taliaferro

Byard -- probably an alteration or misprint of Bayard

Coy -- from the English surname, from Middle English coi, "quiet, unassuming". I've known more than one man with this name myself.

Lmyra -- respelling or misprint of Elmira

Lesa -- respelling of Lisa

Dolar -- don't know, but possibly from a surname

Edworth -- probably a blend of names like Edward and Edgeworth

Tilden -- an English surname, probably from a place name originally meaning "Til's valley", often given in the late 19th century to honor the American politician Samuel Tilden:

Lavonia -- a blend of Lavinia with the European place name Livonia (now divided between Latvia and Estonia). This may have been as much the result of mishearing or misremembering as deliberately creating a new name.

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