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Subject: Hard to tell...
Author: Magia   (guest)
Date: February 9, 2004 at 10:45:34 AM
Reply to: Re: Actually... by Yahalome
I have heard Spaniards, Venezuelans and Colombians(mostly south americans, excludding Argentineans and Uruguayans) pronouncing Ll as an English J sound, but they also pronounce the Spanish Y as the English J... go figure...
Central and North American, Spanish speaking people(Mexicans, Cubans, Guatemalans, basically caribbean people) prn it like you said, like ee or English Y. That is how I speak spanish. I NEVER use the english J sound when speaking Spanish... go figure, again.

I only know what one is tought in Grammar School. Proper pronaunciation is Spanish Ll = English "J"
Spanish Y = English "Y" or "ee"
Spanish J = English "H"

Magia, who speaks caribbean spanish, del pais de la eterna primavera!

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