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Subject: Re: the meaning of my name
Author: A Jessamy's mom   (guest,
Date: February 14, 2004 at 6:03:25 AM
Reply to: Re: the meaning of my name by Jessamy F
When I was 18, I found the name Jasmine in a baby book. The names stemmed from Jasmine were listed below and Jessamy and Jessamine were one of them. I told my husband I would name my first child Jessamy. In 1991 she was born and the name was given. She is 12 now and doesn't care for it. She's tired of people mispronouncing it. They usually say JessuhMAE. We pronounce it Jessuhme. How do you prounce it? Since she was an infant we have called her Jessi but now that she is older, even though she doesn't care for her name she uses her full name. I just did a search for the name and found a book titled Jessamy.

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