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Subject: Re: Question about Zrinka?
Author: raindancing   (Authenticated as raindancing)
Date: October 16, 2005 at 4:10:45 PM
Reply to: Question about Zrinka? by Allegra
Not sure what truth there is in this but Zrinka Pavlic says at this site

'My first name definitely proves it, that is what I have learned the day I have entered other social groups than my family. My first name is derived from the name of a mountain in Croatia and a name of a Croatian aristocrat family that used to own it. There are no non-Croats named Zrinka. So, I have been labeled from the day I was registered as a born human being. Maybe that is the part of that "tradition" my father has spoken about.'

I couldnt locate any mountains with this name though
however I did find a Croatian noble family with the name Zrinski

Cnt. Nikola Zrinski, (born 1508) the ban of Dalmatian, Slavonia and Croatia, the commander of Szeged (since 1561) and the Habsburg commander in western Hungary (since 1563); the most courageous and prominent member of the Zrinski family, which together with the Frankapans was the most distinguished and famous noble family in the Croatian history.

Taken from website below

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