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Subject: Genoveva
Author: iris   (guest)
Date: October 17, 2005 at 7:12:35 AM
Genoveva is not a spanish name but frequently used in Latin and South America as wel as in Spain but the origin of the name isn't clear;
We do have several meanings: Was the name gallic or celtic? We do not know.What we know is that Genoveva is a well known name in what is today Germany,the Netherlands and Belgium as well as France.
About the origin: well we do suppose that genoveva could mean:1. aristocratic woman 2.daughter of the man who stands for justice.
As you can see ,genoveva's origin isn't so far from us.
How come that genoveva is well know by older people in Spain and latin /south America?
I have to ask you?
What I do know is that today's days genoveva is a rare name.And youngsters as well as the 30-40 ties do not know that name anymore.
My daughter calls genoveva, she is almost 3 and yes , is special.
iris (belgium)

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