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Subject: What is the meaning of it.
Author: Traves   (guest)
Date: October 17, 2005 at 8:21:30 AM
Hi, I asked this question way back in 2001, I believe and just now found the site again! In the archives someone asked me how it was pronounced. We pronounce it so it rymes with 'Chaves' which is the county we live in. Also, I was asked Why I named him "Traves". I had found a baby name book at Hastings that had it and the best I remember it saying was that it means 'michevious cowboy' and the book said 'Travis' was more for a 'Bussiness Man'. I don't know the name of the book and have found Nothing on the spelling as I have it since. It would be so nice if anyone could give me any info. other than what that book said. Thanks. Diane

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