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Subject: Re: Fijian name - pronunciation?
Author: Cleveland Kent Evans   (Authenticated as clevelandkentevans)
Date: October 17, 2005 at 10:47:48 AM
Reply to: Re: Fijian name - pronunciation? by Anneza
The book doesn't give a pronunciation key in the individual entries. However, in its short description of Fijian names in the introduction to the book the following sentence occurs:

"In Fijian orthography, pronounce "t" as [ch], "b" as [mb], "d" as [nd], "q" as [ngg], and "g" as [ng]."

As you can see that sentence doesn't mention "c". It certainly looks like "c" is used for [th] in Fijian, however, because in addition to the forms of Ruth, Elizabeth, and Asenath given above, Maciu is the Fijian form of Matthew, Nacani the Fijian form of Nathan, Nacanieli the Fijian form of Nathaniel, Peceli the Fijian form of Bethel, Sainibici the Fijian form of Jane Beth, Seci the Fijian form of Seth, and Timoci the Fijian form of Timothy.

Personally I would assume that whoever first created an alphabet for the Fijian language was a missionary translating the Bible into Fijian, but that's just a guess. If I were creating a writing system for a new language using the Roman alphabet, I think I'd use "c" for some other sound besides S or K as that is really redundant. Evidently whoever first wrote down Fijian decided to use it for English "th"; whoever invented the Roman alphabet transcription of Turkish decided to use "c" for the sound of English "J", which is why the Turkish name Can is pronounced almost identically to the English name John.

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