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Subject: Re: Ardath, and -th in general
Author: Anneza   (guest)
Date: February 18, 2004 at 3:35:20 AM
Reply to: Ardath.... by Merriment
Yeah, the "field of flowers" does sound improbable! However, all I get when Googling, and indeed when Asking Jeeves, is a whole bunch of stuff on what looks like vintage horror movies, with a character called Ardeth Bey, who must therefore be masculine, though what he's doing with a -th ending to his name is more than I can imagine.

Do you have any ideas about how and why the endings of names get changed? Janet, for instance is obvious - but why Janice? On the analogy of Clarice?

I was at school with a Maryth, whose name is always given as: a form of Mary. Cool - but why? How? Why not Marysh, or Maryx, or Marice? And in that case, could Ardeth be a form of Arden - perhaps an attempt to make it more feminine-sounding, back in the good old days when such things mattered?

All the best

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