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Subject: Re: Tyke/Tyge/Tycho?
Author: Satu   (guest,
Date: February 18, 2004 at 3:39:27 PM
Reply to: Tyke/Tyge/Tycho? by Lars
Hi Lars,

Originally in Scandinavia Tycho/Tyko has got nothing to do with the Greek/Latin name Tycho but it is a latinized form of Tyke, an Old Danish name (older form: Tyki). Tyki was a Danish variant form of the Old Norse name Toki, which derives from the word "tok" (fool, jerk). Toki was used as a short form of Torkel/Torkettil (god Tor "thunder" + helmet) as well.

A Norwegian y-sound is quite similar to a French u-sound and a German ü-sound. You can listen to a Danish y-sound here (which is very close to the Norwegian y-sound, I couldn't find a Norwegian sound...):

Click on the word "ny" to hear the "Tycho/Tyke-y"

So Tycho is pronounced ty-koh and Tyke is pronounced ty-keh (for the right e-sound click on the word "tale" on this site: )

The stress is on the first syllable.

Yes, Tyge is another Danish variant of Tyke.

Regards, Satu

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