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Subject: Re: Natalie = "birth of the lord" or simply "birth / birthday"
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: November 23, 2008 at 3:19:44 AM
Reply to: Natalie = "birth of the lord" or simply "birth / birthday" by minikui
Natalie is the feminine form of Natalius, from the Latin cognomen Natalius, Natalia, coming from natalis, natale, "from the birth". A variant of the Latin cognomen Natalis, documented in Roman Republican age.

Strictly, the name only means "from the birth".

Among Roman Christians, this cognomina were used in allusion to Jesus's birth, because to them this was the birth by excellence, but initially not in relation with Christmas time, because, among other things, the adoption of December 25 as Christmas was at the end of 4th c.

In the Middle Ages is possible that in English culture Natalia was prefered for girls born on Christmas, but not in other cultures, as the Spanish one or the Russian one, where the use of Natalia is related to the devotion to saints named this way.

In Spain, there is another name related to births, Natividad ("nativity"), referent to Virgin Mary's birth. Since Natividad and Navidad (Christmas) are quite alike, it has been used sometimes to girls born on Christmas (night or day), even if it referes to another Catholic holiday.


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