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Subject: Re: Armenian names
Author: Sabrina   (Authenticated as Sabrina)
Date: December 1, 2008 at 11:41:04 PM
Reply to: Armenian names by Mackadal
I imagine that spellings get shuffled around in transliteration. Kevork and Gevorg, for example, sound very similiar to me, and in many places K and G are interchangeable. Furthermore, Armenian does not use Latin characters; instead, it's on the Cyrillic (Russian) system. There is no exact equivalency between Armenian and English. Many times name variations happen during immigration. The immigrant says their name to the INS official, and that official writes down whatever they hear, regardless of how well-known the name might actually be. For example, my cousin's name is Raymond, but the INS wrote his name down as Rimond. Or another example: my aunt Candace had her name changed when she became a citizen--her immigration paperwork had her name down as Kandis. It's all because of the way it's pronounced.

Hope that helps. =)

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