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Subject: Non-name Ancestrial Problem
Author: Silver   (guest,
Date: February 29, 2004 at 3:53:39 PM
This doesn't directly involve names but...
I knew for most of my lift I was Austrian, Scottish, Irish and French but all emphasis has been put on my scottish heritage. Only when I was like 14 or so did I find out I was native too. My mother doesn't seem very proud of this, so she didn't tell me. Back when my parents were growing up, they lived much more north in Ontario, and appearently the general native population tended to have problems with alcohol, limited education, and many just stayed on welfare. So now I want to know about my native heritage, but I don't even know what tribe I'm from. I have been trying to get maps of tribes, but they are all different, and most are so bad I can't read them. According to one I'm Ojibwe, another I'm Huron, and another I'm Algonquin. My great grandfather was Native and lived in Timmins Ont. around the late 1800's... any idea what tribe is based in that area?
I feel like I'm missing part of my history, and when I have children I want to have all their culture taught to them, and I want to give them middlenames to reflect their diverse heritage.

Thanks for any help


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