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Subject: Some ideas for you, Rosalyn
Author: Maple Leaf   (Authenticated as Maple Leaf)
Date: March 6, 2004 at 9:13:30 AM
Reply to: religious name by Rosalyn
I think it's great to have a theme like this with special meaning! Some things I found for girls:
Alia (Hebrew)- descender
Jordana (Hebrew) - descending
Berit (German) - glorious
Aitana (Portugese) - glory
Tulia (Spanish) - destined for glory
Krisalyn (American ?! according to the website) - beautiful bearer of Christ
Avari (American) - of the heavens/from the sky
Ciel (Latin) - from heaven
Celeste (Latin) - from the heavens
Sera (Latin) - heavenly/winged angel
Glenys (Gaelic) - holy & beautiful
For boys:
Yered (Hebrew)- to come down
Ira (Hebrew) - watchful descender
Newman (English) - new comer
Roch (German) - glory
Urian (Greek) - from heaven
Hiero (Greek) - holy
Ayman (Arabic) - holy
Kail (Gaelic) - mighty one
Eryk (Polish) - ever powerful
Kellan (Gaelic) - powerful

So some combos:
Alia Celeste "descender from the heavens"
Glenys Avari "holy & beautiful one from the sky"
Jordana Ciel "descending from heaven"
Kail Urian "mighty one from heaven"
Kellan Ira "powerful descender"

Sorry so long, that was fun. :)

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