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Subject: thanks clauidaS
Author: gunblade007   (Authenticated as gunblade007)
Date: December 31, 2008 at 12:06:22 AM
Reply to: Re: a question about the name shun by ClaudiaS
thanks claudiaS,
i went to a local book store and try to look the name shun in baby names. i couldn't find it. since i was kind of a hurry. but i did find shion which says it's a girls name. but on wikepdia it says it's a unisex name. but there is both male and female fictional characters with that name. but i don't know any female fictional characters with the name shun. that's why i was wounding. i hated to ask this again but is shun a popular name in japan? because i think the girl i met at hibachi master just said her name was a popular japanese name. nothing about it being a popular girls name.


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