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Subject: Re: just some names that popped into my head
Author: monochrome rainbow   (guest,
Date: March 7, 2004 at 1:33:12 PM
Reply to: Re: just some names that popped into my head by Stef
Hellequin is the Fifth Horseman. The High One, a replacement for the Archangel, Sataniel who fell from heaven with a third of the angels. Earliest reference, Ella Aramaic name for God, from Pquelle, (Pa kell) meaning of God. This predates Equine from 'Horse' Hellequin is the source of Harlequin, a character from the legend of the imposter who found the Grail by infiltrating the Knights (Templar) and having the faith enough not to drink whilst being too humble to answer that which was asked of him. (1218 AD.) The rider on a pale horse with a name on his back... this is Hellequin.

Of one truth perhaps was born fabulation upon legend and then myth for the sakes of romance...

Then there's a Norse God who has much in common with Zeus and bears a name similar to Harlechin.

I hope this helps.


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