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Subject: Re: How do you pronounce.....
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: March 8, 2004 at 8:22:11 AM
Reply to: How do you pronounce..... by Shanna
Kyriaki - keer-e-ah-ki That one is Greek so more straightforward.

The others are Welsh but true Welsh pronunciation and what comes out of English mouths tend to differ a bit. Here's the closest I can get you to Welsh pronunciation but if you see this in use outside of Wales you might get an Anglicised version or even a 'best guess' from parents without a lick of Welsh in their linguistic repetoire.

Aeronwy - eye-RON-wee (in Wales the R is slightly rolled)

Enfys - EN-voos

Ceinwen - CANE-wen (most English speakers would come up with something like KYN-wen probably)

Esyllt - toughie, just go with AY-silt and if you can say the L with a 'soft' tongue so much the better. In Wales the LL sound is done by placing the tongue as if to say the normal L sound in English but then emitting breath instead of using vocal cords. Like nothing in English at all and even Welsh students have a heck of time with that one so skip it unless you're serious about your Welsh. Esyllt is simply the Welsh form of Isolde so take your clues from that one.

Anwen- AN-wen, just as it looks


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