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Subject: Re: Goal to regulars
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: March 12, 2004 at 6:58:20 AM
Reply to: Goal to regulars by Silver
With just a quick scroll-through, some of them just seem to be over-simplified or wrong - Atticus (ie Athenian) as Latin with no mention of Greek. Atticus as a personal name comes from Attica, the name of the region containing Athens, itself from the Greek akti meaning 'coast, shore'. The first Atticus was a friend of Cicero, Titus Pomponius who lived for many years in Athens and thus adopted Atticus as a cognomen, sort of a identifying nickname. So while Atticus is a Latinate name in form, it's roots are Greek, it's continued use is Greek and it's meaning of 'coast, shore' is Greek. I suppose I'd put it in the Latin classification if I had to choose one with 'Atticus - Latin cognomen derived from the region Attica, from akti, Greek for 'shore, coast' so that both contributing languages are given a nod. But honestly, it, and several others on that page that I saw, could correctly be classified in more than one catagory so I'm not sure what we're after here either. When you sort out what's wanted and where it should be sent (email Mike or here?) if you'll post I'd be happy to help as I'm recovering from surgery and have the time to give.



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