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Subject: Re: anouska
Author: Paul   (guest)
Date: March 12, 2004 at 12:21:41 PM
Reply to: anouska by Jade
Anoushka is name of daughter of famous musician Ravi Shankar .
the meaning of her name , she has pur on her web site as : What does "Anoushka" mean?
Anoushka is actually a Russian name. Usually it is a diminutive or nickname for people with names like "Anne," "Anna" or "Annie," since "Shka" means little in Russian. When girls grow up they tend to adopt the shorter version of the name, though now outside of Russia "Anoushka" has slowly become more popular as a proper name.

as far as i have heard its pronounced as Ah-noosh-ka hmm say like pronouncing Hanukkah with a a SH after Hanu .!!

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