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Subject: Re: what does my name mean???
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: March 16, 2004 at 2:28:18 AM
Reply to: what does my name mean??? by Lyndell
4 possibilities, you can pick your favourite:

1) OE Lind 'lime-tree' + dael 'pit, hollow, valley' = 'valley where lime-trees grow'

2) OScand Lin 'flax' + dael 'pit, hollow, valley = 'valley where flax grows'

3) English river name Lyne (possibly 'smooth one') + dael 'pit, hollow, valley' = 'valley by the river Lyne' (in Cumbria/Northum.) or 'valley by the smooth stream'

4) English river name Lyn (OE hlinn 'torrent') + dael 'pit, hollow, valley' = vally by the river Lyn' (in Devon) or 'valley by the turbulent river'

None of these places exist today in England but there are placenames related to them - Kirklinton in Cumbria (originally Leuenton, they added Kirk- when the church was built), Lyndhurst, Lyndon, Lyne in Surrey, Lyneham in Oxon and Wilts., Lynemouth in Northum., Lynmouth in Devon. There may well have been a small place referred to as Lyndell at some point in history, now abandoned and forgotten, that led to the name or perhaps someone just found a book of English elements and strung two of them together. Since there's nothing to say yea or nay to any of the possibilities, pick the one that appeals to you most.



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