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Subject: Info on the Name
Author: Tayah   (guest,
Date: March 19, 2004 at 1:10:00 PM
Reply to: A new name to add by Diana
I was born in 1975. My mother heard the name in a greek mythology class in college. The name is greek and is orgininally spelled THEA. Thea was a greek goddess, one of the minor goddesses of the moon. My mother did not want people to pronouce the name TH-E-A so she met with her English professor and they came up with a finetic spelling TAYAH proucounced with a long A and a silent H.

I am facinated that this name (and particular spelling) is used by others.

FYI- currently in Greece the name is prounouced TH-E-A (th and in THEO) and it means AUNT. I was in greece several years ago and got the translation.

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