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Subject: Edited to add more
Author: Marija Luminitsa   (Authenticated as Marija Luminitsa)
Date: February 28, 2009 at 11:16:36 PM
Reply to: Greek family names, somewhat confused... by Emma Hermanna
Another transliteration of Evangelos is Evaggelos (if you look at the link with the Greek script, you can see why this is). Evaggelos lends itself easily to Vaggeli as a nickname. Evvie can be short for many names in Greek, but Friday in Greek is Paraskeve. :-)

I couldn't see any Greek using Evangelos on a girl. However it is possible (but probably improbable due to the Friday connection) that the siblings could have similar forms of a name. Greeks following the naming tradition name the first son after his paternal grandfather, first daughter after the paternal grandmother, second son after the maternal grandfather, and second daughter after the maternal grandmother. In my experience it is common in Greek families to see cousins with the same names, but I have not seen siblings with two forms of the same name. Greek lends itself to a masculine and a feminine form of tons of names. From what I have observed, most would use one form (m or f) if honoring two people (m & f).


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