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Subject: Satu!
Author: Caprice   (guest,
Date: March 22, 2004 at 3:29:21 PM
Hej Satu!

I found three Finnish names at a rather bad baby name page ( At least they are said to be Finnish, but are they really?
Aila - light-bearer
I know this means "halo around the moon" in Turkish, but Turkish is, as you know, not related to Finnish
Mika - new moon
Isn't it a nn for Mikael?
Preita - most loving one
I've never even heard this name! Isn't love something like "rakasta"?

One more thing: I know you're an expert at European languages - do you have a clue about the origin of the name Kahlo, as in Frida Kahlo (my idol, heh, heh). It may be German, Hungarian or Yiddish.

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