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Subject: Hi Mika!!!
Author: Tieliebirds   (Authenticated as Tieliebirds)
Date: March 22, 2004 at 10:16:56 PM
Reply to: Re: pronunciation of Micheal by Mika
Thanks for the post (and thank you to everyone else who responded)! I was wondering, is Mika an Irish nn for Micheal, or is it just what he's called? Because although I love the name Micheal, I really don't like Mike but like Micha (like Micah) instead. It would be nice if it were an Irish nn for Micheal. Micha and Michi are actually nicknames for the German Michael and that's where I got the "idea"... I lived in Austria for a year and speak German and would most likely call him Micha or Michi sometimes (except pronounced MEE-cha.. the ch in cha almost sounds like an h) just because the German language and Austrian culture are pretty well embedded in me LOL. I wouldn't expect most other people to pronounce Micha that way though, so the Micah pronunciation is fine, too. I hope this post wasn't confusing... Wouldn't it be funny if my son had an Irish name with the German nickname? Talk about celebrating my heritage...

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