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Subject: Re: Bulgarian first name
Author: Nevena Georgieva   (guest)
Date: March 25, 2004 at 5:34:09 PM
Reply to: Bulgarian first name by mara
Helo, I happend to come across this. Im bulgarian even though I live in California(i moved here when i was 7) . As you can see my name is Nevena. I only know one meaning of it. The "neven" part means"marigold" (which is a yellow flower) And the "A" is there because I'm a girl. It's a weird name to have and everyone in school calls me Neveeeena.. or even worst "Nevada"
When I lived in Bulgaria at least people could pronounse it! I hope that helps! .. I also use to have friens whose names were: Ivan, Iva, Krasina, Plamen, Kiril, Iskra, Georgi, Diana, and Mariana. My brothers name is Dobrin.

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