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Subject: Re: some names are just too popular!!
Author: Silver   (guest)
Date: March 26, 2004 at 1:47:20 PM
Reply to: Re: some names are just too popular!! by Christina
as much as im angered at this being on the wrong board
I have an extremely common name, it was the most common female name for several yrs around when i was born
in my graduating class of like 150 ppl, and a lil over half are girls, there were 9 GIRLS with my name! The next closest was two courtneys and 2 sarahs nd besides that there is only one of each.
It was horrible and i have hated it my entire life.
Teachers constantly confuse me with the other ones, I will get in trouble for something the other ones do bcz the principle gets us confused...
I've had teachers be like 'hey I thought you were dropping out, why are you in academic english' im like... dropping out im an honor student, i think ur thinking of so-n-so
It's actually rather harmful to a childs phyche growing up, its irritating and offers less of a chance for personal growth as I am constantly identified with the drop-out or the slutty cheerleader who have the same name.


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