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Subject: Re: Some female royal names
Author: Devonelisa   (Authenticated as Devonelisa)
Date: March 27, 2004 at 7:07:04 AM
Reply to: Some female royal names by Miranda
Ermengarde is Germanic, from erm(en)/irm(en) meaning 'entire' + gard 'protector/benefactor'. I like Ermentrude a bit least there's nn Trudy to fall back on ;o)

Berengaria is from OE beren 'bear' and gari 'spear'.

I know Quiterie is typical of Gascony and Basque, it's usually said to mean 'tranquil' but I've never found any evidence of that...there was a Latin name Quitus which related to the same word meaning 'to be able' so 'capable' might be a better meaning. In France today Quiterie is seen as a bit snobbish.

Munia means 'gift, tribute' in Latin but can also mean 'to protect/defend' and 'public duties' today in Spanish. I know in Punjabi it refers to a young girl. I'd assume the Latin meaning though, putting it in a class with Giselle meaning-wise.

Nuña - like Nuño, Nuna, Nuno - though I'm not convinced it relates to the Latin nonus 'ninth' could just as easily come from Latin Nonae (7th of March, May, July October, 5th of the other months) or nuntio/nuntius 'messenger'.

Branca I know one meaning is 'paw'...though not sure that relates here! And in Spanish it might relate to branquia 'gill' and Urraca means 'magpie' but I'm pretty sure those are *not* the meanings as they were given to the women in question! Maybe someone else can shed some light there.


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