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Subject: Meaning of name & book
Author: Nerine   (guest,
Date: March 29, 2004 at 10:53:27 PM
My name is Nerine, I am named after my 86 year old Aunt. My Grandfather had read a book right before she was born in 1918 and one of the persons in the book was named "Nerine" he liked the name and gave it to her. I would like to find out Any information concerning the book--She never asked and he has pass on. She is getting older also and I would like to reseach book for her. I know the name Nerine can be found in Greek Met. but he would not have been interested in reading that type of topic. Also we are not Greek.
Family is from South U.S. -- White---Originally from Europe but mostly
England & Scottland area I believe. Any Help would be appreciated!
Thank You.

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