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Subject: Re: Debina
Author: Elizabeth   (guest,
Date: March 31, 2004 at 9:46:51 AM
Reply to: Re: Debina by Barb
I have been doing on the origins of the name Debina and others that derived from Duibhne, which stems from greek mythology, first recorded in Kerry Ireland. None as Corco Duibhne. These great people were of the Black Oat Tribe. The relations to the name Debina include: Dubne,Dubna,Dubina,Dubeny,Dubeney,Dubnay,Dubigne,Dibne,Dibney,Dibina,Dibna, Debne,Debny,Debney,Debigne,Daubne,Daubina,Daubney,Daubeney,Daubigne,Dabne,Dabna,Dabnah,Dabina,Dabnay,Dabney,Dabeny,Dabeney,Dabigne,Dobne,Dobina,Dobnay,Dobney,Dobeney,Dobeny,Dobigne,Dawbnay,Dawbney,Dawbeney,Dawbeny,Dawbigne. Get the idea. I found this while researching the name Dibnah. I was looking up the known related name Dibne. Most of these names including Daubigne are very noble. And these nobles are known to have used different spellings of their name during there lifetime. For instance, Elizabeth Daubney from Lincolnshire England was known as Daubney,Dawbney and Dawbnay. There is also the famous Fred Dibnah, who has had his name in the media mistakenly spelled as Dibnay and Dibna. Because the name is of Greek origin and knowing the history of the Greeks, these name varients can be found all over the world. For instance, these names are mainly found in England, but Dubne is located in Czechoslavakia on the Poland boarder. There is also a city in Texas named Dubina,that was settled by Czech's and its residence to this day are supposedly still 100% Czechoslovakian. There is "Dubna" which is a small town in the Moscow region.
Debina is a Greek process in the making of white wine that is still used to this day. Please pass this information on to any related parties. I have been researching off and on for the last 5 years, and there are several gaps in our lineage, because of all the various spellings, so if anyone knows anything about the related families, specifically from England, or families that may have migrated to England from some other region, please email me.

Elizabeth Dibnah

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