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Subject: Dacia
Author: MJ   (guest,
Date: March 31, 2004 at 10:08:45 AM
I was recently browsing through a baby name book and while looking at the name Daisy, I saw the name Dacia listed under it. I thought that odd that they would place Dacia under Daisy rather than as a separate name on its own. Other than the sound, does anyone know if Daisy is really related to the name Dacia? Or why this author may has chosen to present the names in this way? I thought that Daisy was a nickname for Margaret because of the french word "marguerite". However, that was not mentioned by her. Hmm.

Also, this source (which I've found multiple mistakes in) says that Dacia (listed under Daisy) is Spanish for "from Dacia". I've also read that Dacia is the original name for Romania. Does anyone know if any of these things are true? Any other interesting facts about this name? How about celebrities or royalty with this name?

Any help is so appreciated!!


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