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Subject: Re: dee as German diminutive?
Author: Rene   (Authenticated as Rene)
Date: June 11, 2009 at 10:24:24 AM
Reply to: dee as German diminutive? by MoonAgeDaydreamer
I cannot remember hearing a "dee" sound used like that.

Common diminutives for German names are "-chen" and "-lein". However both border on the ridiculous and are mainly used in jokes or on other special circumstances, much less for forming actual nicknames and such.

So, for example, a Peter might become a Peterchen or a Peterlein. Sometimes you need slight modifications before it works, like inserting a vowel or generating an umlaut:
Franz -> Franzilein
Franz -> Fränzchen
Hans -> Hansilein
Hans -> Hänschen


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