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Subject: Re: Disgruntled about poor quality baby name books
Author: Melina   (guest)
Date: April 9, 2004 at 2:38:15 PM
Reply to: Re: Disgruntled about poor quality baby name books by beata
I try to find books on myth, cultures, and languages, instead of just a name book. I buy every name book I encounter though, if only to rate it or to find names to research.

But my problem is I can't stand others buying these inaccurate books, like the parents on A Baby Story. They are spreading the disease of inaccurate information. That little girl is gonna live her life think her name means something it doesn't and it irks me.

I think what really got me angriest is my sister saying her name means 'Gift of God'. It's Jessica...I had to explain,'s not Gift of God. She replies, "Yes it is! Momma says it is! It said so in her baby name book!". I have to explain name books are always right, just to get raised eyebrows and 'You're crazy' looks in return.

Thanks for the replies by the way.


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