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Subject: Re: Alternate spelling of a name
Author: gypsy_egypt   (Authenticated as gypsy_egypt)
Date: June 17, 2009 at 5:49:33 PM
Reply to: Re: Alternate spelling of a name by ajay rawat
Thanks everyone! The main thing I was worried about was that it was so unique it would have to be listed as a seperate name. I never intended that at all! I just wanted it to be an alternate spelling of Melissa... And since I wasn't the only one to use it for a name, I guess it's just not that unusual. Just pretty rare...

And I'm certain that other languages have the same quirks that the Indian ones do. I know for a face that one has to be very careful with Native American names. That's the main reason that babies and children are given such simple names until they come of age. It gives time and thought into the adult name so that it will fit the person and not screw up the meaning....

Anyway... I just wanted to say thanks...


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