Subject: Re: Which version?
Author: N/A   (guest)
Date: April 19, 2004 at 1:40:26 PM
Reply to: Which version? by Jensy
I think skyelar is the best out of those names because since its a unisexual name the e adds a lil more girly affect to it most boys who have that as a name spell it skylar or skyler and its really pretty when u shorten it to Skye. But you also have to take in affect how people are goin to spell it because my name is hard to spell and when i was a kid everyone would spell it wrong and that kinda bugged me. So the names that are lik Skylaer or stuff like that it makes it seem like ur tryin to make an orignial name more creative which is fine but remeber not to try to be so creative its obscure. Hope I Helped. P.S if your worried that they won't like their name u could always give them a middle name that if they hate their name soo much they could resort to the middle name. buhbye
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