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Subject: Re: Pharamond
Author: Lumia   (Authenticated as Lumia)
Date: August 11, 2009 at 2:43:17 PM
Reply to: Re: Pharamond by Murasaki
The Greek etymology is a folk etymology created in the Middle Ages by the historians in order to connect a character (historical or legendary) with the Roman and Greek historical and/or mythological characters (in the case of Pharamond, the historians attributed to him a so-called Trojan origin).

The name Faramund (latinized as Faramundus or as Pharamundus by analogy with some Greek words and names) comes from the Germanic element *fara-, related with the Saxon faru and the Old High German faran, "to move, to travel", meaning later "emigrant family" and subsequently, by extension, "land, property where that family is stablished"; the second element is mund, "protection".


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