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Subject: belive in ZAMOLXE!
Date: April 24, 2004 at 10:59:38 AM
Reply to: Variation of Claudine, perhaps? n/t by Anneza
Hi people!
let me introduce myself at first. as u can see my name's Glodean Ovidiu Horatiu. if the first part of my name u did't know (huh it's the subject of this site), 'bout Ovidius and Hotatius u can find some documentation.
just a littla patience, 'coz english it's not my native language, and i learned in few years on tv (movies)and next step on pc :)
the etymology of this name becomes from toushands of years (4000 BC) in the mystical region of Traciae. to be more specific Herodot says: the DAC's are the most brave and have higher wisdom from the TRAC's.
in the Roman Empire period many of the emperors was from DACIAE (Dacia-Transylvania-Romania). They get the throne buying like today's corruption the high diplomats, cleric, and leaders of roman army.
They (the Dac's) was GREAT warriors, LOT of gold producers, and the spiritual orientation was at the EARTH and the name of the god is ZAMOLXE.
so now u are very bored because it's pretty hard to descifrate my spelling :).
notting more simple:
IN DAC's language GLOD means MUD, EARTH! and EAN it's like EARTH + ER
if u want a the true story with historical dates and siencific spelling cntct me at the email.
sorry again for my spelling.

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