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Subject: Re: Information on Didyme
Author: Marija Luminitsa   (Authenticated as Marija Luminitsa)
Date: August 21, 2009 at 6:18:36 PM
Reply to: Information on Didyme by Antigone
Didyme is Greek and means twin. In addition to the mythology connection that Kirke posted, it was the old Greek name of the island of Salina (see: ). The masculine form, Didymos gives us the element name Neodymium (see: ). Didymos (aka Didymus) was the name of a Greek scholar (see: ).

In Modern Greek, I'm pretty sure Didyme (Δίδυμη) is pronounced THEE-thee-mee (TH as in this). I'm unsure of the English pronunciation, but I would fancy a guess of die-DIE-mee or did-IE-mee.

This love was a bell that rang
unheard in the air.

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