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Subject: Swiss Names
Author: Shaymin   (guest)
Date: August 22, 2009 at 7:17:13 PM
My SO is Swiss so I have a lot of contact with Swiss people. I went browsing through the Swiss Newspapers the other day and they had a lot of birth announcements. In the German Swiss front, I saw a lot of interesting and unusual names I would like to get more info on. I saw the female name Jara several times, used as both a first and middle name. It was sometimes spelled Yara. I also saw the female name Ladina. I read somewhere it was Romantch, if so, then I'm guessing its just a form of Latina, but if anyone has any more info, I'd appreciate to hear it. I saw several baby girls named Romea (I'm guessing that this might also be a Romantch name, and I saw several baby boys named Corsin and Nevio, both of which I'd like to get more info on. The most unusual and intriguing name of all, however, was the female name Isaltina. It was in a Geneva birth announcement (the French speaking area of Switzerland). I am just wondering if anyone has any idea what the etymology of Isaltina is.


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