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Subject: Re: Romansch/Swiss Names
Author: Shaymin   (Authenticated as Shaymin)
Date: August 26, 2009 at 2:11:18 PM
Reply to: Re: Romansch/Swiss Names by Rene
Let's see: Nevio, Gian, Flurin, Andrin, Jarno, Men, Moreno. Laurin, Floris, and I believe Silvan might be Romantsch as well, have all made it to this lists. That's quite a significant amount of names of Romantch origin to be considered rather popular IMO, though the language itself may be dying off. I saw a few Serainas and Corsins in the Swiss BAs, if your google Swiss Newspapers, and go to a variety of newspapers, type in Geburten. In some newspapers they will be listed on the front page, listed as "babies" sometimes even spelled as "babys" in the German language ones, it will take you to lists of births from that week and weeks before. I had no idea these names were Romantch at first. My initial thought was that the Swiss had gotten into, very much like American naming trends, taking traditional names and giving them trendy spellings.

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