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Subject: Re: Meaning of Name "Mykia"
Author: MyKia Dobbins Welmaker   (guest)
Date: April 30, 2004 at 5:31:29 AM
Reply to: Meaning of Name "Mykia" by Dawn

Well, my name is Mykia and I was born in 1976. Over the years I have wondered what my name meant and I have come across many meanings. "The essense of beauty" was one I really loved. My mother on the other hand said that she prayed for a gift from God and he blessed her with me. Personally my name means "my prayer" or "my gift", but truthfully a name means whatever you represent it to mean.

Dawn, I think it is great that you named your daughter Mykia. I am Africian American and many people have told me that they would name their daughter's Mykia. I'm curious, where was the family from that you knew.


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