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Subject: Re: unknown name
Author: Domhnall   (guest)
Date: May 3, 2004 at 10:36:47 PM
Reply to: unknow name by bob
"Cuán," and the related name "Conán," are derived from the word 'cú' meaning 'hound,' with the diminutive '-án' suffix added.

Now I have never seen an existing feminine form of either "Cuán" or "Conán," but traditionally '-án' suffixed names are changed into '-nait' suffixes.

This would most likely be rendered "Conait" (dropping the second 'n').
A "Cúnait" form might be possible, but it seems awkward.

Again, I should stress, I've never seen this as a name in use, but it is essentially akin to the morphology of "Aodhnait" or "Damhnait."

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