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Subject: Re: how to pronounce?
Author: MJ   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2004 at 10:11:12 PM
Reply to: how to pronounce? by pansysmiles
If you follow the link on this site, it says that Lila comes from the Indian name Leela which I assume is pronounced LEE-la.

However, I have known more than one Lila and have encountered several characters in books (audio) and films named Lila. Every single one I have encountered pronounced it LYE-la. I assume it is because of the pronunciation of the name Delilah, especially when Lilah is spelled with the H. Being from America there is no way that I would look at the name Lila and think it was pronounced LEE-la. It is Lila to me, all the way. :o)


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