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Subject: No idea, but ... calling Pavlos! ...
Author: Anneza   (guest)
Date: May 6, 2004 at 11:52:30 PM
Reply to: Meaning of this name? by Elwyn
... I'll be interested to know, too. When I was at university, deep in the previous millennium, I knew a Cleone (who was, sadly, quiet and inconspicuous); and at present there's a DJ on the national pop music radio station who's also a Cleone, though a very different one! So far these have been the only ones I've heard of; it sounds Greek to me, in more ways than one, but my student friend was of Afrikaans and English extraction and the DJ could be anything but her surname isn't audibly Greek at all.

Scottish education, historically, placed a lot of emphasis on classical languages - probably their Calvinist traditions; and for Calvinism you need look no further than South Africa, or portions thereof. So, let's sit tight and wait for Pavlos, with our fingers firmly crossed.

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