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Subject: Re: Adhémar
Author: Domhnall   (guest,
Date: May 10, 2004 at 9:50:51 PM
Reply to: Adhémar by Mika
This is just a guess, but I believe "Adhémar" is a varient of Irish "Aodhamair" (which has the older, archaic spelling "Aedammair").

The Irish-Gaelic root is definately 'aodh' meaning 'fire.' I do not know the origin of the 'mair' part.

This name is typically feminine, though I once read a king of Connaught used a variation on it.

If I am correct in connecting "Adhémar" and "Aodhamair," its French attribution is not too bizarre (akin to Ronan, Fiacre, etc). But I too can only make guesses for pronunciation (the 'h' is throwing me off).

Very rough Gaelic pronunciations are:
Aodhamair- [EE-mur]
Aedammair/Aedhammair- [AYM-mur]

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