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Subject: Gaelle as German name
Author: volz   (guest)
Date: December 16, 2009 at 11:26:40 PM
As a child, I lived in Germany and had a (female) classmate whose name was pronounced like the English name Gayla. Recently, I've started wondering how it was spelled. Yesterday, I stumbled upon the name "Gaelle". I wonder if this is pronounced "Gayla" in Germany. I know that in French it is something like Guy-ell, but I wouldn't be surprised to discover that the Germans find it reasonable to pronounce it Gayla - after all, Germans pronounce Gisele as Gee-zell-uh (with a hard g).

Is there a German female name that is spelled Galle (with an umlaut on the a)?

So, can anyone offer insight?

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