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Subject: Re: query - meaning of "SOLITA"
Author: Magia   (guest)
Date: May 19, 2004 at 9:01:17 AM
Reply to: query - meaning of "SOLITA" by Catherine
Solita in Spanish, literally means "little loner". i.e. "Ana está solita" translates to 'Ana is lonely'. "Solita" is very much used as a caring way , referring to lonely girls. It comes from the word "sola" (alone) with the "ita" suffix to make it a diminutive form.
I never heard of Solita being a pet form of Soledad, but hey... that's optional.

"Solisita", the way you spelled it means nothing at all. Little sun would be "SOLECITO" as the sun is a masculine, diminutive word in Spanish, there forth it ends in a "O" and has the "ito" suffix in it.
Little sun can also be "SOLCITO", no "e". Thus and finally, SOLECITA would be a feminine version of a name meaning "little sun".

Hope that helps y buena suerte,

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