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Subject: True Etymology
Author: Jon   (guest)
Date: February 1, 2010 at 3:31:43 PM
The way I learn what a word or name means, is by knowing its parts... the meanings within the meaning. If you don't know the parts that make it up, you don't really know the meaning of it except on the surface.

So, I look up 'daniel' and all I find is "God is my judge". How so though? I know 'el' means God, but thats it. I guess dan means judgement?

I just don't understand why the name isn't explained in a deeper manner. explains the name meaning just as deeply as this site...yet etymology is only a bonus for their site.

ALRIGHT! I just looked up Daniel on wikipedia:
The name "Daniel" means "God is my judge": Dan means "judgment" or "he judged", "i" is the hiriq compaginis meaning "of" (not to be confused with the modern Hebrew first person possessive suffix -i), and "El" means God.

GOD! Why does your site even exist. Its just a distraction from better sites. Have you no pride?

Sorry to be so brash. It just seems so pointless to treat names so shallowly. I expect MORE from an etymology site.

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